Hi, I'm Giovanna Conforti an enthusiastic UX/UI designer based in Edinburgh.


My studies in UX Design have given me enough confidence to determine and correct overall websites and mobile applications’ functionality and appearance of elements such as navigation tools, page layout and images. I discovered what a positive impact UX design has in our modern society by practicing a problem-solving discipline.


I believe that the primary designer ’s goal should be to create something meaningful by building and improving products that meet users needs.


Brief: "Belmont Bank" is a fictional retail bank addressed to millennials.

The bank required its mobile bank app to be modern but simple to use.

Solution: After having conducted a user testing with a young user, I analysed that the main pain points were concentrated on CHECKING THE LATEST TRANSACTIONS use case and MAKE PAYMENTS use case.

After an attentive analysis, I decided to design the mobile app by mixing visual elements and text (for example next to the name of the place where the transaction took place I put the logo of the business as well) so it would be more easy to relate the transaction to places or people.

I also considered the fact that millennials make an extensive use of social media.

Link to the Axure prototype: https://twwaby.axshare.com


Brief: Conduct user research, create the design and prototype for the single use case of booking flights for the fictional airline company FLY UX.


Solution: In order to conduct the user research for this project I used four  methods: Usability testing, depth interviews, online surveys and competitive benchmarks.

The usability testing  was done by testing  The Easyjet and Eurowings websites and apps  by  two users. 

The softwares used for the process were “Reflector3” in order to mirror the mobile phone’s screen on the pc and “Silverback” in order to record the whole process.

All the  informations gathered were analysed by running an Affinity diagram and a 

Costumer journey map.

The design process consisted in defining the user flow of the single use case (Booking a flight on the FLY UX mobile app), the navigation and interactions.

Prototyping was the last part of the project. I created a Medium fidelity prototype for the FLY UX mobile app by designing the screens through “Sketch” and then export the screens to “Invision” in order to create hotspots and render the prototype interactive. 


This is the link to the prototype: https://invis.io/RXUCRUZMV23


Brief: create a simple, friendly Homepage for the YUM GOODS company's desktop and mobile site that sells materials ranging from pottery to art prints. Characteristic of this company is its vintage mixed to contemporary  vibe.

Solution: creation of simple navigation top tabs and a grid view related to the available goods which catch the user attention by prioritising the images. 

On the footer I placed social media icons linked to the YUM GOODS contacts in order to  easily discover more or ask more info.

Giovanna Conforti, 

Edinburgh based Ux designer/graphic designer/illustrator